Cereals & Fruit Bites

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Cathedral Cove Lightly Toasted Organic Muesli 400g

Lightly Toasted Organic Muesli with Macadamia, Coconut, Apricot and Pumpkin Seeds
RM58.99 RM19.99

Cathedral Cove Raw Activated Super Cereal 400g

Raw Activated Super Cereal with Raspberry, Cacao Nibs, Amaranth, Coconut and Chia
RM58.99 RM9.99

Cathedral Cove Raw Paleo Super Cereal 350g

Raw Paleo Super Cereal with Goji, Vanilla Bean, Chia, Macadamia, Brazil and Cashew
RM58.99 RM19.99

Go Native Mango & Apple Fruit Bites 30g

You deserve the best energy you can get.
RM6.49 RM4.99

Go Native Mixed Berry & Apple Fruit Bites 30g

Step up to the power of four.
RM6.49 RM4.99